Aiop Video Hosting review Youtube steals Your Traffic Leads and Money

Aiop Video Hosting review

vidyz demo

Aiop Video Hosting+$497 Bonus Platform.

6 ways youtube always taking your visitors away from you.
Your own youtube without ads and monthly fees like wistia.

In 2019 Video Marketing has changed… don’t get left behind…
Aiop Video Hosting New Video Platform FOR Marketers:
Control 100% Of Your Traffic,
For More Views, Leads & Sales …
Vidyz a must have for every marketer using video.

vidyz review

However,in spring of 2018 Yotube Eliminated some of its

GOOGLE Eliminates Autoplay..And not Only that..

Google struck a huge blow to marketers by removing the ability
to autoplay videos. This translated into a massive decline
in views, clicks and sales.

At this point we simply accepted this as a change
that everyone was going through.

In late 2018 YouYube made it so that you could no longer
turn off “Related Videos” when someone either paused a video
or got to the end.

That meant that even if you spent all your time,energy
and money getting someone to your page to watch your video,
Youtube was going to take that traffic AWAY from your website.

When someone paused your video it offered MULTIPLE ways for them
to click over to Youtube. I counted…a total of 6 links back to Youtube…
And away from YOUR marketing pages.Aiop Video Hosting reviewYoutube shows to your visitors bunch of buttons-
to watch other people videos..And after a few seconds,
your potential subscriber moving away from your video
and forgets about your page forever..

Aiop Video Hosting alternative to youtube without ads..

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Youtube is an enemy.
In fact, I still use it on a daily basis to upload my videos
and drive traffic to my youtube videos and website.

But, YouTube is definitely not for marketers anymore.
It has 2 main goals:
-To maximize ITS OWN advertising revenue … and
-To increase so-called ‘user experience’ with related videos.

In a nutshell, YouTube wants to direct as much traffic as possible
back to its own website. By forcing you to show ‘related’ videos
with multiple links back to YouTube … It increases ad revenue
by pulling people away from your links & calls-to-action.

Fair enough,but we weren’t looking to build Youtube’s business.
We wanted to build OUR own businesses.The statistic shows that
views and sing ups falls under 34% since that…
Something needed to change…

Aiop Tools review:

1.Unlimited Email Autoresponder Inbox Always.
The last autoresponder which is goes to inbox Always.
Even Aweber,Mailchimp and Getresponse goes to spam more than 60%.

2.Aiop Video Hosting Videos without any ads..
+ your videos will be in search engines and all Aiop
partners will see it ( Extra Traffic)

3.Aiop link tracker and url masking.

4.Aiop hosting to host your own sites with ssl and security.

5.Aiop Done for Your Blog System.No need domain,hosting..

6.Aiop Free Advertising for any business.

7.100% commission to infinity wide and deep.

The price for everything only $20/month.

Today You will have Special Bonus,top marketer platform
Profit Canvas, you can check what is it Here.
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Ok,Lets move, Your tools Pack+ Bonuses+Money.



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