Is it Safe to Import from China? How to Import Safely?

How to Import from China

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How to Import from China? Is it Safe?

In this article, I will be talking about whether it is safe to import from China.
I will be teaching you how to import safely using my secret tool.
I will also be giving you other tips you can use to figure out
whether a Chinese supplier can be trusted or not.

Is it safe for me to import stock from China?

mporting from China is not safe to do, unless you know the supplier can be trusted.
Some Chinese suppliers will take your money, but not send you stock.
And some Chinese suppliers will not send you legitimate products.

If you get knock-off products, you risk being prosecuted,
even if you don’t sell them, because it is illegal to buy them.
However: if you can verify that the supplier will send you the stock
and will send you legitimate products, then it is perfectly safe
to import from China. You need to do research..

My secret tool: SaleHoo

SaleHoo is my secret tool for finding chinese suppliers that I can trust.
Before a supplier is added to their directory, they must go through
a stringent verification process, proving that they can be trusted and are real.
There are also user reviews, so you can choose to only deal with
suppliers that have passed both SaleHoo’s test and have good user reviews.
SaleHoo has made me feel secure and safe when dealing with cheap Chinese imports.

Here are some more tips for how to import safely without SaleHoo.

Only deal with suppliers that have been selling products for 2+ years.
Look into their history.
Check for reviews from suppliers online.
Do not use a supplier that doesn’t have reviews.
Ask for samples first, and buy small lots first.
If they have a website, check the WHOIS details,
and see if the website has been online for 2+ years.
Use tools like Google Places to verify their physical location exists.

If you want to make it very simple and all done for you


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