Retail Stores Shuts down 75K by 2025 Online Shopping Taking Over

The online shopping killing retail

how to start drop shipping

The online shopping killing retail..

As online shopping continues to grow,another 75,000 stores
could close by 2025, says investment bank UBS.

I bet it will be much earlier,sometimes around 2022.

Some of the USA most prominent retailers are shuttering
stores or declaring bankruptcy.

Abercrombie & Fitch announced plans to close as many
as 40 stores in 2019.

Macy’s closed 8 stores in 2019 and plannig go for more.

Lord & Taylor closed 9 stores and go More online with a Wallmart.

Henri Bendel Stores closing in 2019: 23.Out of Business.

Beauty Brands filed for bankruptcy.

J.C. Penney closed 27 stores and planning to d0 9 more.

Christopher & Banks The first of up to 40.

Bed Bath & Beyond closed 40 stores.

CVS closed 70 and going to do more.

The Children’s Place planing to close all their stores.

Gap closing 230 stores.

Victoria’s Secret closed 83 stores for now.

Kmart is dying.200 stores closed.

Starbucks 150 stores closed.

Fred’s 263 out stores closed.

Family Dollar 390 stores shuts down.

Charlotte Russe 512 stores closed.

Payless ShoeSource 2100 stores closed..

So,what do we have to expect?

The Online Shopping Killing the Retail stores.

And very interesting things happens with online business,
specialy with mlm business model..
Looks like mlm business is dead too,and its just impossible
to get people to build the teams and lines like 5 years ago.

Everything is evolves and changes rapidly.

So what is the best for now to jump into the most
profitable business ever?

Dropshipping. Ecommerce business.

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